Material Print Technique Outdoor Water Resistance Thickness Adhesive Liner Temperature Rating Application temperature
Vinyl with Removable Adhesive
Vinyl Placard with Removable Adhesive Outdoor vinyl placards have an adhesive that stays put, yet can be removed cleanly should you need another placard message. Apply the placard on a clean, dry surface. For best results, you must apply the placard at temperatures between 40°F and 80°F. The removability of the vinyl placards is compromised if your placard remains on the vehicle for over a year.
Flexo Should last 1 year, plus, outside. Tag has great water resistance. 4.5 mil Removable 60# -40°F to
Heavy-Weight Coated Tagboard
Heavy-Weight Coated Tagboard Placard Placard is made from a 16 point board that has a 215# basis weight. Tagboard coating is water resistant. Use with one of our placard holders.
Flexo Sign lasts 2+ years outside. Tag has good water resistance. 16.0 mil     -40°F to