Military Fire Division Flip Placard

Quick change placard allows you to quickly change between Military Fire Division symbols. Just flip the aluminum “pages” over and then snap the proper display symbol into place.

Military Fire Division Flip Placard is ideal when the nature of hazardous chemicals you use or store fluctuates frequently.

• Placard complies with the Department of Defense Ammunitions and Explosives Safety Standards - DoD 6055.9-STD, Chapter 8.

• Flip placards are available in two sizes: 12” (with a 5” tall digit) and 24” (with a 10” tall digit). Also select either our Standard Aluminum or our Reflective Aluminum. The reflective is more popular in that it helps EMS workers quickly pinpoint the hazard, even at night or in a blackout.

Fire Division Symbol Signs
Fire Division Symbol Signs
Order individual symbol signs. Find magnetic and reflective versions and two different sizes.

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Military Fire Division Flip Placard
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DoD Sign
12" and 24" panel sizes with pre-drilled 3/8" post mounting holes

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• Properly identify ammunition and explosive material stored at your facility.

• Available in a range of materials that meet DoD standards.

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• Symbols warn personnel the dangers of extinguishing a chemical fire.

• All symbols are printed with bold colors that comply with the GSA Catalog.