4 Legend Flip-n-Lock™ Placard, Aluminum (white)
Part# D-1007-4
Size 13.75" x 13.75" (H x W)
Package 1 Set
Material Aluminum Flip-n-Lock™ Placard Set [JJ-FAL]
Printing Screen Printed
Contents Flammable Gas, Inhalation Hazard, Non-Flammable Gas, Oxygen, DOT placard flip panels.

Flip-n-Lock™ Placard Set 

4 Legend Placared Set, White Painted Aluminum

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Minimum Qty. 1 • Order in Multiples of 1 Set
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Product Description
This is placard system favorite for welders, flammable and gas storage facilities, flammable areas for medical facilities and gas haulers.

• Flip easily and smoothly between four common legends - Flammable Gas (Class 2), Inhalation Hazard (Class 2), Non-Flammable Gas (Class 2) and Oxygen (Class 2). Each legend features burr-free edges and professional rounded corners.

• Meet DOT specifications.

• Stainless steel clip is the industry’s most durable. Your panels are locked into place.

• Back plate is coated with a baked-on white polyester layer for longevity.

• Placard panels are screen printed in vibrant colors and feature to-the-edge printing. Compared to others’ these placards appear brighter and feature a larger printed area.

Product Image
Flammable Gas
(Class 2)
Product Image
Non-Flammable Gas
(Class 2)
Product Image
Inhalation Hazard
(Class 2)
Product Image
(Class 2)
Product Image
All White Panel
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