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Finding the right HazMat Placard was never so easy. Our gallery of placards is the most sought out and our Find-a-Placard makes it really easy to select just the right DOT placard. We focus on our design and compliance with various safety laws, so that your HazMat transportation is made safe. Our DigiLock and Flip-n-Lock placards are a favorite among truckers who buy them year-after-year. Placards feature industry’s smoothest snag-free flip system.
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Our Flip Placards are top of the line. Best materials, best design, best price.
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Take the guesswork out of finding the right placard. Our 'Quick Placard Search' makes the selection of the proper HazMat Placard simple and fast. Just enter the DOT UN number or search by material name. We will then display the appropriate placards.
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Changeable Safety Placards
Changeable Safety Placards
Need to change your message frequently? Flip from "Safe to Enter" or "Danger Do Not Enter". Find lots of modular warnings. No sign is more flexible!

Best Selling Flip Placards

 DigiLock™ Placards

• Placards flip easily. Double-riveted clips snap it all into place.

 Flip-n-Lock™ Placards

• Placards feature the industry's smoothest snag-free flip system.

 Military Division Placard

• Easily flip legends. Available in reflective for extra visibility.

 NFPA Flip Placard Sign

• Just flip your ratings. No need for multiple signs or placards.

Class 2 Gases Placards

 Class 2 Inhalation Hazard
 Class 2 Non-Flammable Gas
 Class 2 Oxygen
 Class 2 Poison and Toxic Gas
 Class 2 Flammable Gas

Class 3 and Class 4 – Flammable Liquids and Flammable Solid Placards

 Class 3 Combustible
 Class 3 Flammable Liquid
 Class 4 Dangerous When Wet
 Class 4 Spontaneously Combustible
 Class 4 Flammable Solid

Class 5 Oxidizer & Organic Peroxide Placards

 Class 5 Oxidizer
 Class 5 Organic Peroxide

Class 6 Poisonous & Infectious Substances Placards

 Class 6 Poison and Toxic
 Class 6 Inhalation Hazard
 Class 6 PG III

Class 7 : Radioactive, Class 8: Corrosive & Class 9: Misc

 Class 7 Radioactive
 Class 8 Corrosive
 Class 9 Misc Dangerous Goods

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