Round DoD Ammunition and Explosives Safety Standards Symbol: Military Chemical L Lewisite Blister Agent Hazard Identification  (DOT-2227) Learn More...

Part# DOT-2227
Color Black on Yellow
Shape Square

Product Description

Comply with Department of Defense marking standards and warn firefighters against the hazards of Lewisite Blister agents. Label indicates that the chemical weapon poses harm to skin, eyes, inner cavities as well as discomfort to the lungs.

  • Lewisite symbol notifies personnel that NBC (Nuclear, Biological, Chemical) suits must be worn as the chemical can easily penetrate ordinary clothing and rubber. In addition to NBC suits, you must use a respirator, gloves, and over-boots.
  • Helps you comply with Ammunitions and Explosives Safety Standards, DoD 6055.09.
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  • 12" x 12"
  • Magnetic
  • Magnet, 30 mil
  • Plastic Durable Labels
  • Laminated Adh. Vinyl
  • Engineer Grade Reflective
  • Rigid Signs
  • Plastic
  • Reflective Plastic
Magnet, 30 mil
Good chemical resistance. Magnetically adheres to metal surfaces. 140ºF Jul 16
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  • Magnetic labels stick to most metal surfaces, such as on trucks or car doors.
  • Rubber base is embedded with magnetic particles.
  • Protected by a clear polyester laminate.
  • Conforms to curved surfaces.
  • Full-color, digitally printed.
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Size:12" x 12"
Material:Magnet, 30 mil
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