Part# D-1011-7
Size 13.75" x 13.75" (H x W)
Package 1 Set
Material Aluminum Flip-n-Lock™ Placard Set [JJ-FAL]
Printing Screen Printed
Contents Explosives 1.1, Explosives 1.2, Explosives 1.3, Explosives 1.4, Blasting Agents 1.5, Explosives 1.6, Dangerous DOT placard flip panels.

Flip-n-Lock™ Placard Set 

7 Legend Explosives Placard Set, Natural Aluminum

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Minimum Qty. 1 • Order in Multiples of 1 Set
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Product Description
Flip-n-Lock™ placard sets for hauling explosive materials use the industry-leading spring clips made from stainless steel.

• Spring clips lock your placard panels in place – permanently. Yet, it is easy to flip from one DOT legend to the next. Stainless steel spring clips outlast aluminum clips used by others.

• Explosive DOT panels are printed right to the edge with vibrant colors – which follow proper HazMat guidelines.

• Panels have rounded edges for safe handling and a professional look.

• Placard is made from 32 mil thick aluminum. The base plate is natural aluminum.

(Class 1.1)
(Class 1.2)
(Class 1.3)
(Class 1.4)
Blasting Agents
(Class 1.5)
(Class 1.6)
All White Panel
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